How A.Tech can help you?

Take a step towards building a secure future with customised solutions for your ambitions.

If you would prefer not to spend your time managing your money, we will do it for you. This service is known as discretionary investment management.

Your investment manager will take care of everything. You do not have to make decisions on where to invest or worry about when to buy and sell. Your manager will use their professional knowledge and experience to invest your money in an individual portfolio of investments, all carefully chosen to match your objectives, and manage it day to day.

Even though we are managing it for you, we never forget that it is your money. You can speak to your investment manager whenever you have questions or want to talk about your portfolio.

At A.Tech, we believe every investor deserves accountability. If for any reason you’re not happy with one of our participating investment advisory services, means we’ll refund your program fee from the previous quarter and work with you to make things right.

A.Tech professional portfolio management solutions that draw on a wealth of expertise. From managed portfolios and specialized strategies to customized advice, get the right level of investment management for your needs. The range of services and benefits include:

  • Professional investment management advice
  • Regular review of securities
  • Custody of securities
  • Income collection
  • Accurate records for tax returns
  • Periodic statements
  • Competitive fee, often tax-deductible

Research beyond the business plan

Well being a contract you are eligible to withdraw the funds according to the current date , if you need earlier then “ATECH” will deduct some part of profit funds which you have already got and nominal fee(s) which has already excluded because of your long term investment , then withdraw will be presented to your same mode of payment.

Any time you have to just request for withdraw as per mode of payment received we will send you back the funds to same mode.

This is one of the good question , lets suppose you have send the funds via paypal , skrill , credit or debit card or bank wire, after a while you got profit and ask for withdraw then we will use the same mode as you have deposited the funds of your profit funds , if you have reached your basic investment and now the profit is more than basic investment then we will send the rest of the profit funds to your bank account (anywhere in the world).