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Approximately 20 years ago, when the online trading world was just starting to raise its head, readying to emerge, a mathematician and an economist started a conversation that would change the conventional ways we did foreign exchange forever.

They figured out that the trends present in the tech and financial world would soon drive exponential growth in the global nature of business and in turn, create an unheard of before need for currency-related products.

But the shady cartel of mega-banks conducting behind-closed-doors trades at the time was the sign that the end-customer had no easy way to apprehend — let alone gain value from — the currency exchange industry…

So Syed Adnan Haider Shah came in 2018 to open up the first advanced enough currency information platform  to the web — the pioneering one, endeavoring in a cycle of innovations, all launched by the A. Tech Investment Solutions FZE LLC.

Beginning with that lucky start, A. Tech swiftly grew to become a global FX powerhouse, trusted by the Big 4 auditing companies, tax authorities and individuals and businesses worldwide for having the best technology in the industry.

Today, the A. Tech trading platform processes over a million queries a day, having won dozens of awards, including The Best Retail Trading Platform, Best Trade Execution Provider and Best Mobile Trading Platform by International Finance Magazine.

We stand by:

Easy to Trade

We are truly determined to make trading with us an easy and a joyful experience for you! This means that immediately after a 5 minutes long procedure of signing up and depositing with us you’ll be instantly able to get your hands on the educational materials or start trading right away!

Easy to Earn

Thanks to all the financial and trading educational materials we have on our platform, including our Forex-centric blog where we regularly post some juicy insight into the industry’s gist, you will be ready to rock! Just take a moment to study all these materials before you start trading like a pro!

Fair & Square Fees

While so many Forex trading platforms out there simply take advantage of their traders with some sky high fees on their service, we’re different! We make a fair business and a leveled field a new sense of importance, making sure that you will never find trading fees lower or fairer than at A. Tech!


a percentage of traders earning more than $2k a month


a percentage of traders earning more than $10k a month


This is how many cases we end up winning, either civil or commercial

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